Top 10 Scents For Christmas

Top 10 Scents For Christmas

10 Christmas Scents You Can’t Get Enough Of will remind you how to celebrate the holiday season. Every time of year has unique smells that we’ve all come to love, and the Christmas season is especially memorable.

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy. What better way to enhance the experience than by enjoying Christmas scents?

Many scents are associated with the holiday season, from the pine needles from your tree to cookies baked in the oven.

One of my favorite holiday gifts is to make a handmade candle with the person’s favorite Christmas scents blended together. I like to thing I have a part in making their home feel just a little bit more warm and cozy. Is there someone on your gift list that would love to have their favorite holiday scents to enjoy during Christmas?


1. Cinnamon 

When most people think of Christmas, the great scent of cinnamon comes to mind. That’s because cinnamon is a popular spice used in many holiday recipes.

Cinnamon is a sweet, spicy scent that is perfect for Christmas. Whether baking Snickerdoodles or other cinnamon cookies, simmering potpourri with a spicy blend of cinnamon and other seasonal ingredients, brewing spicy cinnamon apple cinder, baking cinnamon rolls, or making applesauce and cinnamon Christmas ornaments, it can get you into the holiday spirit. Kaydee's Kandles has variety of cinnamon scented candles. Ranging from our Cinnamon Roll Candle to our Apple Cider Donut Candle. 


2.  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies baking in the oven give us cozy memories no matter the season, but baked sugar cookies are especially magical during Christmas.

The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking reminds us of all the good things of the Christmas season: family, friends, yummy food, and counting our blessings. Check out our Milk and Cookie Candle and our Chocolate Chip Cookie Wax Melts. They look and smell like a yummy cup of milk and cookies and a warm chocolate cookie. 


3. Christmas Tree 

One of the most iconic Christmas smells is pine needles. This smell is often associated with Christmas trees, wreaths, and other decorations made from pine branches.

For many people, the scent of fresh pine is synonymous with the Christmas season. Some even like to add pine needles to their burning fireplace to let the woody scent permeate their homes. We have amazing smelling Christmas Tree wax melts in stock. Fill your home with the most delightful pine needles scent, bring the Christmas joy right to your home. 


4. Hot Cocoa 

Who doesn’t love the scent of hot cocoa? The rich, chocolaty aroma is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

The scent of hot chocolate reminds us of cold winter days and our childhood. It’s one of those comforting smells that can instantly transport us to another time and place when life was more carefree.

They have holiday candles in festive scents like hot cocoa that make the perfect gift for friends and as a treat for yourself. Kaydee's Kandles Warm Hot Coco Candle looks and smells like a yummy cup of Hot Cocoa. 


5. Gingerbread 

Christmas is a time for tradition, and gingerbread is a Christmas spicy-sweet scent that brings images of gingerbread houses and cookies.

Gingerbread cookies are a traditional Christmas treat made with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. There’s no better way to enjoy the holiday than biting into these classic morsels.

There’s something about the sweet smell of ginger that brings back happy childhood memories. What cuter décor than a Kaydee's Kandles Gingerbread Man Wax Melts. 


6. Wine

Mulled wine is a warm and spicy drink often served during Christmas. It has a delicious cinnamon-ginger flavor and a comforting aroma during the cold season. And we have you covered with our Red & White Cabernet Candle. 


7. Fireplace

The smell of a Christmas fireplace warms your heart and your body. This warm and cozy scent is perfect for snuggling up with a blanket and a good book. Our Open Campfire Candle has an amazing wood burning scent to match it's wood burning wick.


8. Snow

The smell of snow is another unique Christmas scent. This clean, fresh, and slightly minty smell is one of the reasons people love winter so much.

Not only does snow have a magical scent, but the crunching of snow beneath your feet adds to the aesthetic. Check out our Christmas Spirit Cupcake Candle scented with our spearmint snow cloud.


9. Peppermint/Candy Canes

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to see candy canes hanging on a Christmas tree. The smell of peppermint scents the air and perks up everyone in the room.

It’s just not the scent of peppermint that everyone loves. Peppermint bark to peppermint cocoa are just some fun things to indulge in. Check out our Winter Season Mix Wax Melts for our White Peppermint Mocha Scent.


10. Cranberry 

You know the holiday season is almost here when you see the mounds of cranberries stacked in the produce department. Cranberries can be used for sweet and savory dishes during the holiday season.

Did you know that the scent of cranberries can help boost brainpower and improve cognitive function? Stringing fresh cranberries and popcorn for Christmas tree garland, cranberry coffee cake, and adding fresh cranberries to a vase, are just some ways to keep the scent of cranberries around. Our Warm Cranberry Pie Candle is perfect centerpiece to bring the Christmas spirit to your home. 


Whether you use essential oils, wax melts, fragrance mist, or candle scents to add to the sense of warmth to your home, these will help create new memories with your family and friends during the winter holidays.

We’ve reached the end of the Best Christmas Scents You Love. I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite Christmas scents are and how you infuse them in your home. I would also like to hear about your wonderful holiday season memories.


Credited: Kelly
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