Top 10 Scents for Valentine's Day

Top 10 Scents for Valentine's Day


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Top 10 Scents for Valentine's Day

The ideal present for any occasion is a long-lasting scented candle, but Valentine's Day is a particularly romantic time to give one. A great luxury candle can not only add an elegant, homey touch to any room, but it can also create an atmosphere and fill it with a particularly comforting aroma.

A candle makes for a truly thoughtful gift, especially if you don't want to buy traditional Valentine's Day treats like candy, flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries, or even jewelry. Instead, you can collect candles to light every day and night for that cozy vibe, or you can just be looking for a wonderfully relaxing gift for the woman in your life.

There are so many lovely candles smells and designs to choose from that may enhance any date night and help create a romantic atmosphere. Following are our favorite scents for Valentine’s day.


  1. Rose

We'll begin with rose, arguably the most seductive and romantically symbolic candle fragrance there is. Who doesn’t like the absolutely sweet aroma of roses? Roses are known for their characteristic flowery and lovely aroma.

Roses can make your Valentine’s Day date night the most perfect ever by having a romantic candle-lit dinner along with some scrumptious food and delicious wine. There’s nothing more your partner would love than our Rosey Red Bush Candle. Scented with our delightful Rose fragrance.


  1. Jasmine

People all over the world refer to the scent of Jasmine as the perfume of love. It has been used since ages to relax your body and help you have a soothing time. Its stunning white blossoms stand for both love and beauty.

Jasmine is seen as a representation of a mother's unwavering love in several parts of the world. It also provides a lot of advantages to the body, mind, and spirit.


  1. Vanilla

The sumptuous perfume of vanilla shouldn't be disregarded when discussing romantic candle smells for Valentine's Day. Vanilla scented candles are frequently thought of as having a pleasing fragrance. This candle is comforting and would be a nice addition to your dining area for a romantic supper for two on Valentine's Day.

When vanilla is prepared properly, its aroma is pleasant, sweet, and creamy with a hint of exotic spices. This fragrance is renowned for being rich and sensual, making it the ideal choice to add to your collection of romantic candles. We have loads of Candles scented with our Warm Vanilla.


  1. Patchouli

Patchouli's scent is frequently characterized as being very earthy, spicy, and somewhat sweet. This herbaceous fragrance belongs to the family of woody scents. It differs from other romantic smells in that it has musk overtones.

The outdoorsy pair will love the scent of patchouli. A whiff of this fragrance might conjure up images of a passionate stroll through the magnificent forests of South India. Patchouli essential oil is certain to add earthy delight to date night and provide the ideal environment for intrepid romantics.

  1. Sandalwood

Ancient India is where sandalwood was first used for religious ceremonies, incense, and meditation, giving rise to the origins of this exotic scent of sandalwood. In the world of perfumery today, sandalwood stands out as a common foundation note.

The aroma of sandalwood is warm, mellow, silky, earthy, and sweet. The advantages of this balsamic gem include improving mental clarity, lowering anxiousness, and encouraging inner calm.

  1. Coffee

Coffee has a rich, sweet, and even somewhat flowery aroma. Its chemical constituents stimulate libido. These molecules release dopamine into the brain, along with other calming effects.

f you're celebrating a new relationship, you can consider including this timeless smell in your collection because it lends an air of joyous contentment to lovers. Try our new Iced Coffee candle for an amazing Coffee fragrance.


  1. Cinnamon

We all love cinnamon's comforting and soothing smell, don’t we? But did you know that cinnamon has fantastic year-round health advantages as well?

Something about cinnamon makes you feel cozy and comfortable. It may transform a year-round recipe into an October treat that warms our hearts. So if you’re looking for the perfect cozy date night, try making your cinnamon-scented candles using our cinnamon leaf essential oil. Check out our Sweet Cinnamon Roll Candle for an amazingly, sweet cinnamon scent.

  1. Citrus and Spice

Citrus and spice - a smell that makes you think of a hot summer day. The citrus and spice world is awash with scents, from the citrus fruit to the vivid color. Oranges are unmistakably attractive in all of their forms, and this is one of the reasons they are so popular as an aromatherapy essential oil used in candles.

Candles with a citrus smell are very comforting. Need a fast energy boost or relief from the burdensome stressors and enjoy your date night? Our Orange Soda Candle brings that Citrus tingle to your nose.

  1. Lavender

Every second individual in this busy society struggles with stress and anxiety? Thus, if you're looking for a natural way to reduce stress, a natural Lavender aroma candle will serve as your cure. As lavender scent lowers heart rate, its soothing perfume will transport you from a difficult night's sleep into delightful dreams.

When burned, a magical lavender candle reduces tension, lowers blood pressure, calms the soul, induces peace and tranquility, and eases anxiety related to work-related situations and little arguments with loved ones. You and your lover will both be joyful. 

  1. Fresh Linen

The remedy for offensive scents is this Fresh Linen Candle. This fragrance absorbs unpleasant odors and eliminates them, leaving behind the perfume of crisp, clean linen. Bright lemon top note lifts the airy ozone, green floral, and linen base notes, and a tinge of powdered light musk completes the fresh scent.

These bring fresh air wherever it is needed and breathe new life into stale environments. So give into the pampering that this clean, fresh aroma offers. Nothing like a clean, fresh feeling to end your date night with. Our Sleeping Puppy Candle is scented with our Cuddle Me Up, which smells like a warm blanket fresh out the dryer.


There is no better way to create the ideal romantic atmosphere than with a rich and romantic candle smell, which is soft, sultry, sensual, and seductive. Your Valentine's Day will be made more memorable by these alluring scents. Head over to our website and check out our Lovely Scents Candle Collection for all your Valentine’s Day needs.



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