About KayDee's Kandles


KayDee’s Kandles mission is not just to create a candle but make a piece of art. We make themed candles that are centerpieces for any home décor, office/workspace, florist shop, restaurant, bakery, ice cream parlor, diner, or bar. We specialize in giving our customers an experience when burning our candles. We create beautiful, handcrafted works of art out of pure wax with a matching luxurious lingering-themed scent. Our candles are primarily made of Soy wax, Paraffin wax, and Gel wax. All of our wax-based products are made to be environmentally safe-wax. KayDee’s Kandles uses all-natural products. We use 100% Organic soy wax, All-natural paraffin wax, and natural-based gel wax. We want our customers to enjoy burning their luxurious candles while keeping the earth safe. We are the home of the “Sweetest Treats You Can’t Eat.”  Our candle mimics your everyday items such as; Drinks, bakery dishes, food, shoes wear, desserts, etc. KayDee’s Kandles adds an artistic touch to the candle burning. We also offer a variety of other select items to add to our customer's experience. We are not just candle makers. We are candle artists. We do not just make candles we make art.


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