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Kaydee Kustom

Charka Pyramid Candle

Charka Pyramid Candle

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Unblock your Chakras and reach deep meditation.
Ideal for meditation and finding your center, our beautiful Charka Ora candle promotes peace and positive energy! Offering color therapy, each of the 7 layers represents a different chakra, helping you maintain spiritual health.
Designed for Longevity: Incredibly long-lasting, our paraffin candle offers up to 72+-hour burn time! Not only is it great for comforting relaxation and the colors are vibrant too. 

This Chakra candle is designed to help clear your throat chakra. The pyramid shape is designed to represent the extension of life and one's spiritual connections.
100% Safe and toxic-free.Perfect for homes with pets and children, our positive energy candles are fragrance-free and non-irritating! Made with a 100% lead-free cotton wick, it burns cleaner than most candles for safe and eco-friendly burning.
Premium Quality: Made with 100% paraffin wax, these cotton wick candles reflect our commitment to excellence! Every layer is poured by hand, resulting in bright, vibrant colors and an elegant design that’s sure to be a gorgeous addition to any home.
  • All-Natural Parrafin wax
  • Scent: Lemontree, Peppermint, Sage, Sleep, Breathe Air, Immunity Boost, Eucalyptus
  • 7in x 8in 
  • Wax Wick
  • 7 Layers
  • 72+ hour burn time

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