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Kaydee Kustom

Sweet Sunday Mimosa Candle

Sweet Sunday Mimosa Candle

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Who doesn’t love bottomless Mimosa Sundays?!?!?! Beautiful handcrafted Mimosa Candle with a Strawberry. Our beautiful handcrafted Sweet Sunday Mimosa Candle made with 100% Organic Soy wax. Have a Mimose at any time right in your home, well at least make your house smell like one. Our Sweet Sunday Mimosa Candle is designed to not just look like a Sweet Mimosa but smell just like one. Our Sweet  Sunday Mimosa is scented with our Fresh Strawberry, Orange Juice, and Champagne Kisses. Smells as good as it looks. Full your home with the delightful sweet smells of a delicious Mimosa. A Candle any Mimosa drinker would love. 

Have a laugh at someone's reaction when they realize this cocktail candle is actually a fake drink. Realtors & sellers, use these fake food props as decor, while at the same time providing a welcoming scent in the home that you're showing. Brides, your bridal party will be amazed by this candle favor.

All candles and items are handmade. Each made special to add their very own unique design and custom feel.

 A candle any Mimosa drinker would love. Sweet Mimosa scented candle with a floating sweet Strawberry. A perfect gift for the Mimosa drinker in the family and crew. 

  • Scented: Fresh Strawberries, Orange Juice, and Champagne Kisses
  • Parrafin Wax
  • 100% Organic Soy Wax 
  • Wax Wick
  • 16oz. 
  • Clear Champagne Glass
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